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4th Grade Links

Science Fair ProjectsMr. Abshere's comments on Science Fair linksCalifornia Missions
Science Buddies<--This is my favorite.
- Go to Find a project
- Topic Wizard
- Fill out questionaire
California Missions Photo Tour
Science Bob<-- It's better for science demonstrations than projects, but can try some of the experiments if students can use them if they can have a question that can be tested and measured for results.
Start at Science Fair Ideas.
Weird Science Kids<-Again another with more experiments than projects, but still pretty good.Mission Tour
Science Fair Projects<--Haven't used this one yet, looks ok after you get past the dang Volcano demo. I hate those.

Kindergarten Links

Polar Bear

Brown Bear

Black Bear

Ocean Movie

Find and Count

Ocean Game

Create an Ocean

1st Grade Math and Language Arts Games

Math GamesCelebrations
1. Kitten Match: Make Ten (4 players)Winter Celebrations: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza
2. Jet Ski Addition (4 players)India: Diwali: Festival of Lights
3. Ducky Race: Subtraction (12 players)Christmas in Mexico
4. Alien Addition (1 player)

2nd Grade Math Games

1. Learning Coins6. More Money Games
2. Counting Money7. Buy Pet Supplies
3. Coin Counting and Matching
4. Timed Money Counting
5. Peter Pig's Money

3rd Grade Math Games

1. Adding 10 DepthCharger13. Meteor Multiplication25. Symmetry Matching
2. At the Vets Measuring14. Race Car Multiplication26. Perimeter and Area
3. Catapault Count On15. Rounding Master27. Zoo Designer
4. Skillwise Math Games16. Place the Penguins28. Sum Sense
5. Building Expressions17. Two digit addition29. Bang on Time
6. Math Lines18. Ghostblasters Multiples of 1030. Telling Time
7. Math Madness19. Number Pyramid + -31. Stop the Clock
8. Target Number20. Measure Capacity32. Fractions Games
9. Single Digit Subtraction21. Battleship Numberline33. Bugs in the System
10. Math Magician22. Measure it34. Cyber Olympics
11. Camel Times Table23. Melvin's Make a Match
12. Super Connect the Dots24. Match Around

Poetry Links


Classic Kid’s Poems

Shel Silverstein Poems