Fifth Grade

5th Grade


Google Docs
KidRex – Safe Search for Kids
Ducksters – Research site for Kids
Wolfram|Alpha – Search Engine
Kids Wordsmyth – Online Dictionary
Learner’s Dictionary – Merriam-Webster
DK Find Out
Fact Monster
Khan Academy – Watch, Practice, Learn Almost Anything!
Information for Kids
Create a Graph
Free Rice – Play and Feed Hungry People
Biographies – Mr. Nussbaum
Cool Text Generator
Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates
Pixlr – Online Photo Editor

Educational Games

Arcademic Skill Builders
Mr. Nussbaum

Language Arts

Spelling City
Acrostic Poems
Diamante Poems
Stapleless Little Book
5th Grade Language Arts Skill Builders
Rags to Riches – Quotation Marks Game
Grammar Games – Sheppard Software
Harcourt Grammar Glossary
FunBrain Grammar Gorillas
MakeBelieveComix – Create your own comic
Word Invasion
Topic Sentences
Wordle – Word Clouds
Word Mosaic – Word Clouds
AR Book Finder


General Math

Thinking Blocks – MathPlayground
That’s a Fact – Harcourt Math Facts – Math Practice
Math Jeopardy Games
Drag-N-Drop Math
Math Games – Sheppard Software
Math Games – Mr. Nussbaum
Math Journey
AAA Math
Math Arcade

Multiplication & Division – Math Games, Online Quizzes, Flash cards, etc.
QuickFlash – Multiplication
Math Magician – Multiplication & Division
QuickFlash – Division
Snork’s Long Division Game
Fractions – Adding & Subtracting
Equivalent Fractions
FunBrain – Fresh Baked Fractions
Tony Fraction Pizza Game
AAA Math – Fractions
Soccer Shootout – Fractions
Computation Castle – Fractions, measurement, place value, & exponents
Decimals of the Caribbean
Decimals – Railroad Repair
Decimal SquaresPlace Value Pirates – Decimals
Factorization Forest
Least Common Multiple – Snowball Game
Least Common Denominator
FunBrain – Area and Perimeter
Create a Graph
Co-ordinate Graph Game
Homer’s Donuts Co-ordinate Game
Line Jumper – Integers – Positive & Negative Math
Positive & Negative Integers – Add & Subtract


Type Rocket
Cup Stacking Typing Game
Alpha Munchies Typing Game
Keyboarding Sky Chase
Dance Mat Typing
Typing Ghosts
Typing Test  – Test Your Speed and Accuracy!

Social Studies

Colonial Life & American Revolution

Colonial Williamsburg – History for Kids
Colonization and Colonial Life
Colonial History: Life in the Colonies
13 Colonies – Mr. Nussbaum
Colonial History
The 13 American Colonies – Social Studies for Kids
13 Colonies Map Quiz
Introduction to Independence
American Revolution
Liberty! – The American Revolution – PBS

Immigration: Stories of Yesterday & Today
Interactive Tour of Ellis Island

The Constitution & Branches of Government

Declaration of Independence – Ask Ben
Articles of Confederation – Ask Ben
The Constitution – Rules for Running the Country
The Constitution – Ask Ben
The Constitution – Congress for Kids
Constitution – Fascinating Facts
Constitution Games
Bill of Rights – Ask Ben
Branches of Government – Congress for Kids
Branches of Government –

Native Americans

Native Americans – Kahn Academy
Native American History for Kids – Ducksters
Native Americans – History for Kids
Native Americans
Tribes List
Native American Tribes and Fact Sheets
Native Americans – Mr. Nussbaum

Tools of Navigation
Navigation Tools – Explorers at Sea
History of Navigation
Navigating at Sea
Play World Explorer
Early Voyages of Exploration
Zoom Explorers
Ducksters – World Explorers
Explorers – Mr. Nussbaum

US/World Geography
Explore the 50 States
US Map Game
Conquer the States
U.S.A. Geography Games
Stately Knowledge
50 States
World Geography Games


Pirate Facts – History for Kids


Chem4Kids – Chemistry

Earth Science
Plates on the Move – American Museum of Natural History
Pangaea –
Plate Tectonics & Continental Drift –
Geology for Kids

Science Fair
Scientific Method – What is it?
Science Fair Ideas

Oceanography/Catalina Island
Marine Biology – American Museum of Natural History
Journey to Deep Sea Vents – American Museum of Natural History
Zoom Oceans
Life in the Sea – Oceans Alive
Catalina Island Wildlife & Habitat – Catalina Island Conservancy
Kelp Forest
Forests of the Sea
Marine Plants
C.I.M.I. at Toyon Bay

Arthropod Characteristics
PBS Shape of Life – Phyla videos

Periodic Table
Periodic Table Game – FunBrain
Periodic Table Games – Sheppard
It’s Elemental
Periodic Table of the Elements

Human Body
How the Body Works
Human Body Videos for Kids
Body Systems –
Your Amazing Brain – National Geographic for Kids
Body Systems – FactMonster
Blood Types – FactMonster

Plants – Phloem Video
Plants: Xylem and Phloem
Biology for Kids – Cells
Cells Alive!
Mitosis and Meiosis – Kahn Academy