First Grade

1st Grade

Educational Games




Arcademic Skill Builders
Keyboarding Zoo
Typing Rocket Jr.
Telling Time
Bailey’s Books, Millie’s Math, Trudy’s Time & Place, Sammy’s Science
Plum Landing
SoftSchools – Math Games
BBC KS1 Bitesize
Chrome Music Lab








Keyboarding Zoo
Typing Rocket Jr.
Cup Stack Typing
Dance Mat Typing

Language Arts





Front Row
Spelling City
Starfall – Learn to Read
Puzzle Me Words
Spelling Match Game
Storyline Online
Roy the Zebra – Reading Games
Stapleless Little Book







Front Row

Bridges Math
Numerical Order
Tally Marks – ILX
Math Lines
MathPlayground – Math Games
Math Games – Sheppard Software
Grouping & Grazing – Count by 5s, 10s, Add, Subtract
Save the Whale – Bonds of Ten
Tens Frame Game
Cool Math for Kids
Coin Box
Money Desk
Stop the Clock
That’s a Fact – Harcourt Math Facts
Spell Number Words
Math Arcade
Math Games – Mr. Nussbaum
First Grade Math Games
Squigly’s Apples – Ordinal Numbers

Animals & Their Habitats







DK Find Out – Habitats

Habitats – Videos and Pictures – National Geographic for Kids
Habitat Game
Animals A-Z

DK Find Out – Animals
Animals – Where do I live?
Habitats –
What’s It Like Where You Live?
Natural History Notebooks – great site!

Nocturnal Animals





Nocturnal Animal Game
The Great Nocturnal Hat Hunt – PBS
Nocturnal Animals
Bats – National Geographic
Fun Owl Facts
Snowy Owls – Photos, Sounds, Videos
Barn Owls – BBC
Owl Sounds
Owl Coloring Page

Ocean Animals




Dolphin Videos – Kids National Geographic

Whale Videos – Kids National Geographic
Ocean Coloring Pages

Rainforest Animals






ActiveWild – Rainforest Animals
Zoom Rainforest – Animal Printouts
Rainforest Animals

Arctic Animals






Arctic Animals – Animal Planet

Polar Bear Videos – Kids National Geographic

Antarctica Animals






Zoom Antarctica
Penguin World
Penguins – Wild Kratts
Emperor Penguins – Facts and Video – National Geographic
Penguin Bobsledding Game

Penguin Math Games
Place the Penguin
Penguin Addition & Subtraction
Penguin Popup Addition





The Frog Life Cycle
Frog Life Cycle Video
Frog Facts