Fourth Grade

4th Grade


KidRex – Safe Search for Kids
Ducksters – Research site for Kids
Kids Wordsmyth – Online Dictionary
Learner’s Dictionary – Merriam-Webster
Dewey Browse
Create a Graph
Free Rice – Play and Feed Hungry People
Fact Monster
Information for Kids
Khan Academy – Watch, Practice, Learn Almost Anything!
Publish Your Design

SmarterBalanced Practice Tests

Educational Games

Arcademic Skill Builders
Computer Lab Favorites
Mr. Nussbaum
Pattern Memory
Math Facts Game

Language Arts

Spelling City
Acrostic Poems
Diamante Poems
Word Central
Acrostic Poems
Diamante Poems
Stapleless Little Book
Venn Diagram
BBC Skillswise
4th Grade Language Arts Skills
4th Grade Grammar – Sentence Structure Activities
Rags to Riches – Quotation Marks Game
Grammar Games – Sheppard Software
Grammar Practice Park – Harcourt Publishers
Sentence Combining
Grammar Ninja
Harcourt Grammar Glossary
FunBrain Grammar Gorillas
Maggie’s Grammar Adventures
MakeBelieveComix – Create your own comic
Word Invasion
ToonUniversity – Parts of Speech
Activities for Dear Mr. Henshaw
The Great Horn Spoon
Cereal Box Book Report Examples
Wordle – Word Clouds
Word Mosaic – Word Clouds
AR Book Finder


Bridges in Math – Geoboard
Bridges in Math – Vocabulary Cards
Bridges in Math – Number Line
Bridges in Math – Number Pieces
Bridges in Math – Pattern Shapes
Common Core Math Games
Thinking Blocks – MathPlayground – Math Practice
That’s a Fact – Harcourt Math Facts
Math Trainer – Multiplication
Math Mine
Mystic Number Puzzles
Math Games – Sheppard Software
Math Doodles
MathPlayground – Games, Word Problems, How-to Videos
Drag-N-Drop Math
Snork’s Long Division Game
Math Games – Mr. Nussbaum
Cool Math for Kids – Math Games, Online Quizzes, Flash cards, etc.
Fun4theBrain Math Games
Place Value Games
Area & Perimeter Games
Measuring Area & Perimeter
FunBrain – Area and Perimeter
Estimating Angles
Angles Jeopardy Game
Dunk Math –  Radius and Diameter of a Circle
Farm Stand Math
Math for Kids
Math Journey
Math Games –
Baseball Multiplication
Probability Games
Math Magician
Math Quiz
BBC Skillswise Math
Brain Teasers
Dude’s Dilemma Math Game
Around the World in 80 Seconds – Math Game
Math Arcade
Math Jeopardy Games
Fractions – Adding & Subtracting
Equivalent Fractions
MathPlayground – Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions
MathPlayground – Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers
MathPlayground – Equivalent Fractions
MathPlayground – Fraction & Decimal Games
Fraction Frenzy
Soccer Shootout – Fractions
FunBrain – Fresh Baked Fractions
Tony Fraction Pizza Game
AAA Math – Fractions
Decimals Jeopardy Game
Decimal Detective
AAA Math
Brain TeasersBrain Teasers
Create a Graph
Median, Mode & Mean
Mean, Median, & Mode Games
Stock the Shelves – Co-ordinate Game
Co-ordinate Games
Billy Bug Co-ordinate Game
Homer’s Donut Co-ordinate Game
Co-ordinate Graph Game
IXL Math – Subscribe for unlimited practice


Type Rocket
Cup Stacking Typing Game
Alpha Munchies Typing Game
Keyboarding Sky Chase
Dance Mat Typing
Typing Ghosts
Typing Speed Test


General Information
CA History & Government for Kids
State Symbols
California State Symbols
Island of the Blue Dolphins

Famous Californians
Biographies for Kids – Ducksters
Famous Californians – Stuff About States
Biographies – Harcourt School
ClassBrain – Biographies
Biographies – Mr. Nussbaum
Famous Californians – 50 States
California Famous People – e-ReferenceDesk

California Geography/Regions
California Geography
CA Coastal Geography
CA Central Valley – Wikipedia
CA Central Valley
CA Desert Region
CA Desert Resources
CA Mountain Region
California Natural Resources
Channel Islands National Park

California Native Americans
Native California – Cultural Areas and Languages
California’s Native Peoples
Native American Facts for Kids
Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids – California
California Native American Day – Resources on Tribes
California Native Americans
Native Americans
Native American Website for Children

California Missions
California Missions
El Camino Real History Map
ClassBrain – Mission Reports
Missions of California
Spanish Missions of California – Scholastic
La Purisima Photo Gallery

California Explorers
Biographies – Harcourt School
Explorers – Mr. Nussbaum
Explorers – Links

California Gold Rush
Gold Rush! – California’s Untold Stories
The Gold Rush
The Oregon Trail
Gold Rush


Ology – American Museum of Natural History

Rockets to the Rescue

Biology of Plants
Photosynthesis for Kids
Photosynthesis – Biology4Kids
Photosynthesis – Sheppard Software

Rocks & Minerals
Geology for Kids – Rocks
Rock Cycle -The Learning Zone
The Rock Cycle Interactive
The Rock Cycle Diagram
Rock Groups – Science Trek
How Rocks are Formed – RockHound
Rock Hounds
If Rocks Could Talk – American Museum of Natural History
Rock Cycle
Rock Cycle – BBC
Rock Cycle Quiz – BBC
Earth Science – Minerals & Rocks

All About Atoms
Atoms Around Us –

Circuit Builder
Electrical Circuit Flashcards & Quiz
The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits
Electrical Circuit Game
Changing Circuits
Circuit Game
Electricity Games & Activities

Nutrition Games


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