Sixth Grade

6th Grade

6th Grade Survey


SB County Education Portal – username: foothill, password: falcons

Google Docs
Eadms – iO Assessment Login
Wolfram|Alpha – Search Engine
KidRex – Safe Search for Kids
Ducksters – Research site for Kids
Computer Lessons
Pics4Learning – Copyright-friendly images
Create a Graph
Free Rice – Play and Feed Hungry People
Fact Monster
Biographies – Mr. Nussbaum
Khan Academy – Watch, Practice, Learn Almost Anything!

What’s Your Learning Style?¬†– Self-Assessment

Educational Games

Arcademic Skill Builders
Math Facts Game
Mr. Nussbaum

Language Arts

Spelling City
Acrostic Poems
Diamante Poems
Stapleless Little Book
Venn Diagram
Race to Ramses
GrammarBlast – Grades 6-8
Kid’s Place – Houghton Mifflin English
BBC Skillswise – Grammar
Harcourt Grammar Glossary
FunBrain Grammar Gorillas
Maggie’s Grammar Adventures
MakeBelieveComix – Create your own comic
Word Invasion
Wordle – Word Clouds
AR Book Finder


CPM eBook
Divisibility Rules & Quiz
Divisibility – Kahn Academy
Divisibility Rules – Do You Want to be a Millionaire?
Divisibility Rules Game
Common Core Math Games
Thinking Blocks – MathPlayground – Math Practice
Math Games – Sheppard Software
Math Doodles
MathPlayground – Games, Word Problems, How-to Videos
That’s a Fact – Harcourt Math Facts
Math Games – Mr. Nussbaum
Drag-N-Drop Math
Factorization Forest
Decimal Games
Decimals of the Caribbean
Decimals – Railroad Repair
Decimal Squares
Place Value Pirates
Place Value Games
Math Jeopardy Games
Factors & Multiples Jeopardy Game
Least Common Multiple – Snowball Game
Least Common Denominator
Computation Castle
Cool Math for Kids – Math Games, Online Quizzes, Flash cards, etc.
Fun4theBrain Math Games
Math for Kids
Math Journey
Snork’s Long Division Game
Math Quiz
Probability Games
Geometry – Science U
Math Magician
Brain Teasers
Dude’s Dilemma Math Game
Around the World in 80 Seconds – Math Game
Math Arcade
Woodlands Measure Skills
Fraction Frenzy
Soccer Shootout – Fractions
Around the World in 80 Seconds – Math Game
Math Arcade
AAA Math
Math Games – BBC
Brain TeasersBrain Teasers
FunBrain – Area and Perimeter
FunBrain – Fresh Baked Fractions
Tony Fraction Pizza Game
AAA Math – Fractions
Create a Graph
Ask Dr. Math
Homer’s Donut Co-ordinate Game
Co-ordinate Graph Game
IXL Math – Subscribe for unlimited practice

Totally Tessellated
How To Make Tessellations
Geometry – from ScienceU

Stockmarket Game


Type Rocket
Cup Stacking Typing Game
Alpha Munchies Typing Game
Keyboarding Sky Chase
Dance Mat Typing
Typing Ghosts
Typing Speed Test
Typing Test


Holt Science & Technology Book
Ology – American Museum of Natural History

Earth Science
Matter & Energy
Heat & Energy
Earth – American Museum of Natural History
Earth Science
Layers of the Earth – Interactive
The Layers of Earth
Interior Structure: Core, Mantle, Crust – Cliff Notes
The Earth’s Interior – Science Clarified
The Dynamic Earth
Composition and Internal Structure of the Earth

Plate Tectonics
Geology for Kids
Volcano Structure
Types of Volcanoes
Volcano Flash Cards and Quiz
Volcano World
Volcano Live
Hawaiian Volcano Photo Gallery
USGS Earthquake
Earthquakes – Wikipedia
Earthquake Myths & Folklore
Earthquakes – Cultural Myths
Earthquakes – Legends & Science
Earth Science – Minerals & Rocks
Weather WizKids
Natural Resources
Renewable Natural Resources

Scale of the Universe
Planetary Mysteries – American Museum of Natural History
The Nine Planets
Zoom Astronomy
ScienceU Observatory -A Solar System Simulator, planet finder…
Welcome to the Planets
NASA Human SpaceFlight
Nasa Hot Topics
Windows to the Universe
Astronomy Myths
Google Moon
The Moon
Lunar Landing Videos of Apollo 11
Constellations – Windows to the Universe
Constellations – EnchantedLearning
Constellation Photos

Our Environment
The World’s Biomes
Biomes of the World
Earth Floor Biomes
Layers of the Atmosphere

Human Body
How the Body Works
Amazing Heart Facts – National Geographic for Kids
Body Systems –
Your Amazing Brain – National Geographic for Kids
Human Body Systems – Thinkquset
Human Body – Links by
Body Systems – FactMonster
Blood Types – FactMonster


Archeology – American Museum of Natural History
BBC – Archeology
Archaeological Adventure – ThinkQuest

Ancient Civilizations

History for Kids

DK Find Out – History
Ancient Civilizations
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Encylopedia Mythica – Ancient Mythology
Ancient History – International School of Amsterdam

Aztec Civilization

Ancient China – Regligion, Gods & Goddesses, etc…
Ancient China – British Museum
Ancient Dynasties
Ancient China – History for Kids!
Ancient China Rulers
NOVA: Mysterious Mummies of China
The Great Wall – Thinkquest
The Great Wall of China – Enchanted Learning
Qin Shi Huangdi, First Chinese Emperor
Ancient China – Electronic Passport to Chinese History

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt Links
Cleopatra’s World – Discovery
Ancient Egypt – History for Kids!
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
The Great Queens of Egypt
Egyptian Gods & Goddesses
Rosetta Stone
The Pyramids
Ancient Egyptian Art
Egyptian Art
Egypt – Daily Life, Geography, Religion, Art & Architecture
Egypt – Pyramids, Pharaohs, Hieroglyphs
Ancient Egypt – Mummies, Religion, Hieroglyphs, Pyramids, Pharaohs
Ancient Egyptian Weapons
Nova – Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Nova – Pyramids – The Inside Story
Nova – Explore the Pyramids
Welcome to Neferchichi’s Tomb
Egypt Clipart
Hieroglyphic Typewriter
Stone in Ancient Egypt
Myteries in Stone
Ancient Egyptian Farming
Ancient Egyptian Boats
Travel and Trade in Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Ships
Ancient Egypt – Grain Harvest

Ancient Greeks – BBC
Ancient Greece -British Museum
Ancient Greece – history, mythology, art, culture…
Daily Life in Ancient Greece
The Ancient Greeks

The Indus Valley – BBC
Ancient India – History for Kids!
Ancient India – British Museum
Daily Life in Ancient India
Ancient India
Timeline of Ancient India

Mesopotamia – British Museum
Ancient Mesopotamia – University of Chicago
Ancient Mesopotamia
Mesopotamia Daily Life
Mesopotamia Map
Write Like a Babylonian
Cuneiform Numbers


Roman House Plan
Romans – BBC
Roman Emperors
Ancient Rome – History for Kids!
Rome – The Classics Unveiled
Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Roman History

Wonders of the World

DK Find Out – 7 Wonders of the World

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Social Studies for Kids
Natural Wonders
Destination: The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – CNN
The Seven World Wonders
Hillman Wonders of the World
Wonders of the World – Ancient and Natural
Seven Wonders of the World
The UnMuseum – Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Countries of the World & WWII

European Countries – Map Games
Inside WWII –
WWII – Quizzes and Games
World Factbook
ClassBrain – Country Reports
Country Studies – Library of Congress
Atlapedia Online


Getty Museum